About Us


Lauren Blake, Original Wyld Child

Lauren Blake, Wyld Empyre founder and chief designer, is a studio and digital artist, sculptor, and fashion designer. Ms. Blake’s designs are inspired by her love of fashion and art – her Fall 2018 line in particular is a nod to Botticelli – and her far-flung travels.

Ms. Blake designs her company’s pieces in her native Texas, works closely with US-based purveyors of responsibly-sourced exotic skins, and directs the Manhattan-based workshop as they bring each handcrafted piece to life.

Founder Statement

“Wyld Empyre is the culmination of my lifelong love affair with fashion and art, and my passion for sculpting. After years of graphic design, it’s a dream come true to create art with my hands again. Wyld Empyre pieces are designed to be museum quality accessories that owners can wear today and pass down to future generations.”